9 Moments From Oscars 2019 You Shouldn’t Miss

Hollywood’s awards season hit its apex today morning as its most coveted statuette was handed out at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Before the big day, we saw a lot many weird things happening in the first few days- Oscars without a host for the very first time, they almost created a new category and then got rid of it and eliminated half of the live performances and then changed their mind to name a few. It clearly hasn’t had the easiest run-up.

But what about the big day? It’s of course bound to go smoother but that doesn’t mean the Oscars won’t have its own share of buzz. Here’s all the gossip from one of Hollywood’s biggest events.

Queen opened the hostless ceremony

Is there anything better than beginning a night with Queen blasting through the speakers and cutting to smiling celebrities stomping their feet? Well, that’s how the Oscars 2019 started. Adam Lambert along with what remains of the original Queen – guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor got Hollywood’s well-dressed elites on their feet with the beats of classic rocks ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘We Are The Champions’.

The hosts we deserve

Do we really need a host when we have Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler together? The fabulous trio is a dose of laughter medicine and they proved it yet again with their tongue-in-cheek humour. While they were joking about how they are not the hosts, the roaring laughter of the audience instantly proved their jokes to be better than any other host’s. There series of zingers were definitely better than the opening monologues from the past five Oscar ceremonies combined.

McCarthy’s stuffed bunny costume

Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry took the stage to present the Best Costume award and damn, they really went for it. McCarthy’s look was undoubtedly inspired by Olivia Colman’s character Queen Anne in ‘The Favourite’, which was also one of the nominees in the category. While Ruth E Carter won the award for Black Panther, McCarthy and Henry certainly won the internet.

Chris Evans becomes real life Captain America

Chris Evans is undoubtedly every bit as gentlemanly as his Marvel character Captain America. But it still made us swoon when he jumped of his seat to help the gorgeous Regina King climb up to the stage in her heels and beautiful gown. Though her acceptance speech was a thing of moving beauty in its entirety, we instantly fell in love with Evans and King who in that moment showed that world the chivalry isn’t dead.

Serena Williams presented

Not an actress, not a singer, but definitely a star. Tennis ace Serena Williams graced the night with her presence as she presented the film ‘A Star Is Born’ with an inspiring speech about pursuing your dreams. The tennis star also narrated an ad at the Oscars that focuses on trailblazing female athletes like Williams, Simone Biles and many others.

Stars were born at the Oscars

There was no way Cooper and Gaga’s ‘Shallow’ performance wasn’t going to be intense. The Jackson Maine voice made a guest appearance, Lady Gaga played piano and they went really went off the deep end.

The Star always bagged the Best Original

You might be taken aback but both the 1976 and 2018 version of ‘A Star Is Born’ won the Best Original Song at the Oscars. Barbra Streisand and Paul Williams for the song ‘Evergreen’ and Lady Gaga drove home the award for ‘Shallow’. FYI this is just the 5th time that two films of the same name have won in the same category.

Spike Lee finally wins an Oscar

Spike Lee’s Oscar drought has finally ended. BlacKkKlansman takes home the prize for Best Adapted Screenplay and Lee delivers a passionate speech. Exactly as it should be!

Rami Malek gushes over his girlfriend and falls

Rami Malek after winning the Best Actor couldn’t stop gushing and lauding over his onscreen lover and real-life girlfriend Lucy Boynton in his acceptance speech. All these after kissing her precisely three times on the lips! While we all were awing this good boyfriend, the actor dramatically slipped off the stage shortly after those sweet, intimate moments. But he had held on to his dear award even while falling.




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