10 Quotes From Before Sunset That Redefine Love

The Before trilogy by Richard Linklater is that bridge that closes the gap between the have and have nots that consume indie-cinema. It is almost a rite of passage into the world of unrequited or complex of love. Everyone wants

The Never Aging Paul Rudd Is The Newest Ghostbuster

Ant Man is following Thor’s footsteps! Hollywood actor Paul Rudd who played the popular Ant Man’s role confirms joining the Ghostbusters franchise. Three years after Paul Feig’s reboot which starred Chris Hemsworth failed to make waves at the box office;

Untold Tales Of The Beatles Come Out In Danny Boyle’s Yesterday

The Beatles don’t need any introduction; they are evergreen. The iconic foursome created music that still lives on in our ever-changing playlist. But Danny Boyle would like to re-introduce us to the Beatles through his movie Yesterday. The rom-com takes