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GT Exclusive: This New Series On Netflix Is What You Need To Binge Watch Next!

The story of two brothers, struggling to become star cricket players – ‘Selection Day’ is a series based on Aravind Adiga’s book by the same name. 

A coming-of-age drama – the plot revolves around the many challenges faced by the two boys, who have been raised by their strict and obsessive father, who wants to watch them succeed in the sport.

Fourteen-year-old Manju is destined for cricket greatness — the only problem, he hates it. Controlled from a young age by his overbearing and cricket-obsessed father, Manju’s main role in life is to support his older brother and fellow cricket star, Radha.

The series is produced by Anil Kapoor Film Company and Seven Stories Ltd; and is all set to release on December 28. Till then – watch the full trailer exclusively on GoodTimes!


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