A Force Very Close To The Heart: ‘Star Wars’ Through The Eyes Of A 90’s Kid

‘A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…’ from the one where one of the most epic space-sagas began, a little girl, all of six, was introduced to the adventures of humans, aliens and droids. Adventures which, decades later, went on to becoming heroic tales she grew up to tell little children; argue endlessly about during dinner; and eventually go and do a re-run of the entire series, only to feel better about her own interpretation – 4,5,6/1,2,3. That little girl was me, and here’s my love letter to one of the greatest film franchises ever created by man, in this case a man called George Lucas – * Star Wars original soundtrack playing in my head*

My SW journey, like many, began with the Prequel Trilogy – The Sith LordDarth Sidious takes over the Republic and goes on to becoming the Emperor of the Galactic Empire, along with his apprentice and one of the most feared antagonists of all times – Darth VaderBut before being lured into the dark side – Vader was Anakin – the protagonist throughout the prequel trilogy. So, growing up in the 90’s did kinda help in getting a better understanding of the Star Wars Franchise or even Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. There was actually nothing like growing up in the 90’s – but that’s another tale to tell.

Coming back to Star Wars – Anakin was originally a Jedi, secretly married to Padmé Amidala, and the father of twins Luke and Leia. While Luke Skywalker trained under Jedi masters Obi-Wan-Kenobi and Yoda, and eventually became one of the most important characters in the Rebel Alliance’s war against the Galactic Empire; Leia Organa was the princess of the planet Alderaan – an agent of the Rebel Alliance. The shift of Anakin to the Empire, therefore, was one of the most heart-breaking experiences in the entire series, as one saw a perfectly virtuous family, crumble into the labyrinth of dysfunctionality.

Technicalities aside, the philosophy of Star Wars was very relatable, unlike many a new age fantasy-drama, which help you escape reality, rather than arouse a sense of responsibility. We all wanted be Jedi. Especially since Master Yoda was who he was. The wisest and most detached of all – a character built around the teachings of the Buddha, if I may say so. He may have died at 900, in Return Of The Jedi, but his teachings will be carried forward another 900 years, if not more. ‘A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack’ – Yoda’s teachings are enough to keep one away from the Dark Side – in the film as well as in real life.

When Darth Vader redeemed himself, to save his son from Palpatine, there was hope that there could be a possibility of returning from the Dark Side. This was further strengthened by the hesitation that Ben Solo has shown in completely submitting himself to the dark sideand also by killing by his own master, Snoke. True, he murdered his own father – Han Solo, and that his dream, as Kylo Ren, is to reign as the supreme leader of First Order, but his hesitation from time to time is proof that there’s still a Rebel somewhere within him. It’s that voice of morality that tells you to do the right thing in times of dilemma. The question is, will you listen to it? After, all –‘do or do not, there is no try’.

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