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The 2018 YouTube Rewind Has The Kiki Challenge, Bhuvan Bam & Lilly Singh Too!

Did you even realise how quickly this year went by, because we totally didn’t! While the tussle between PewDiePie and T-Series continues for gaining the title of the channel with the top subscriber base, YouTube just released their 2018 rewind video. It has everything from K-pop to Despacito, Kiki Challenge, and more. And a special appearance by Lilly Singh!¬†

The entire video is just a bunch of famous YouTube-rs from different countries who are discussing what this year’s YouTube rewind should be about. While they are discussing what the video should be – recreated snippets from the actual videos start playing. And in the end, they just include the fan comments and actually give the fans what they wanted!

Watch the rewind right here and see for yourself the awesomeness that YouTube of 2018 was!

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