The First Trailer Of ‘Little Women’ Has Our Hearts In Full

The first trailer of Greta Gerwig’s Little Women is here and it has captured the tone of Louisa May-Alcott’s classic novel like no other, while adding gracious notes of its own. Set in 1860s New England, the heartwarming first look starring almost everyone from Hollywood follows the journey of four fearless sisters – Meg played by Emma Watson, Amy played by Florence Pugh, Jo played by Sairose Ronan and Beth played by Eliza Scanlen. Snippets of the sisters’ dreams are shown throughout the trailer as the sisters battle societal expectations.

Sairose Ronan steals the trailer with Jo’s willful and stubborn personality boding well with her play writing desires. If her word about women’s place in the world, and her dreams and ambition doesn’t get to you, her relationship with Laurie, played by Timothée Chalamet will as they bring the romance to the next level with off-the-charts chemistry. Meanwhile, Meg is seen challenging the idea of needing to marry for money and shifts her attention to finding her one true love. Amy, the most conformist of them all, shows elements of rebellion, while Beth, the shyest one, does her best to keep the sisterly drama at bay. You can also see Meryl Streep transform into the sisters’ Aunt March while Laura Dern portrays Marmee March, mother to the close-knit sisters.

The trailer primarily revolves around the friendships between these sisters, and how strong their bond is. And based on it, ‘Little Women’ seems to come out as a sharp, heartwarming and full of impeccable tale.

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