This GOT Character Is Coming Back This Winter!

I am the master of whisperers, and my little birds tell me that the one of the coolest direwolves on screen will make an entry this season. After our hopes were stabbed and the supposed earlier returns bled off the season, the death of the intended scene to show Jon petting Ghost on the head, instructing the direwolf to watch over Sansa, did not make it in the 7th season. The missing ‘Ghost’ of Game Of Thrones will finally be seen in the forthcoming final of the fantasy drama.

Happy GIF by Game of Thrones: #PrepareForWinter

His return is slated with a fairer amount of time on screen and we are all jumping with joy. Don’t spill that fine Dornish wine as we all raise a toast! Cheers! All hail the return of Ghost!

Sad Will Ferrell GIF