TIFF: Movies That Every Indian Needs To Be Aware Of

Film festival circuits are usually bustling with whispers about movies being regaled and welcomed into the Oscar contender list! These movies are contemporary, and nostalgic, shot on inventive and archaic technology alike! The Toronto International Film Festival 2018 is here, and with it comes an array of movies that span biographical dramas, short movies on love and loss, masala movies with deeper undertones from Bollywood, and a host of movies that talk about power struggles in today’s era! 

We have for you, movies that speak to us in ways we can’t express, in ways that only movies talk. They move you, they sit within you, they hold a place in your heart with such deep seated possession that you keep going back to these cinematic gems. They are about science fiction, and docs about political overtures; they are about dancing minorities and women militia; they are about censorship and terrorism; they are about a love triangle and a love lost. These are all the movies that will remind you of your duties, your rights, your dreams, your hopes, and maybe even provide you with the ability to navigate through all roads to realise them. 

1. Colette

2. Manmarziyan

3. Girls of the Sun

4. Hotel Mumbai

5. Manto

6. The Wedding Guest

7. A Star is Born

8. Beautiful Boy

9. Clara

10. Fahrenheit 11/9

11. Halloween

12. The Death and Life of John F. Donovan

13. The Day I Lost My Shadow

14. The Truth About Killer Robots

15. When Arabs Danced


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