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Zayn Malik Is Breaking The Internet With His Version of “Allah Duhai Hai” From Race 3

The International R&B pop sensation and ex One Direction member Zayn Malik released his cover of Allah Duhai Hai from the franchise Race 3 on his social media accounts and it is a pleasant surprise for his Indian Fans.

Zayn released the song on 19th November and it has crossed over 2 million views on Youtube. Apart from his mesmerizing voice, Zayn also added some slick EDM beats to the track and the video also features some trippy visuals and we can’t help but swoon over this song. If you haven’t heard it, here is the link.

Although this is not the first time Zayn has released his version of an Indian song. His last ‘Teri Deewani’ cover received extensive trolling from the internet and he eventually pulled it down but fans are loving his version of the Race 3 tune.

While his Indian fans can’t get over the new track, his international fans couldn’t understand a single word but still loved the beats that go with it. It’s no surprise that his Indian fans are even telling him to collaborate with Indian artists. With his recent collaborations with Timbaland and Nicki Minaj, we are all excited to see what Zayn will bring to the pop industry.

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