Zoha Rahman Becomes First Hijabi Marvel Character

Hollywood is marching towards diversity and inclusion as Muslim representation is finally paving its way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Pakistan-born actress and model Zoha Rahman has made Marvel history as she broke barriers for muslim representation in MCU.

Starring alongside Tom Holland, Rahman is Marvel’s first hijab-clad character who is getting officially introduced in ‘Spiderman: Far From Home’. The actress plays the role of Peter Parker’s classmate and unlike other diverse characters that are pretty much in the background; Zoha’s role is a prominent one. She’s among Peter’s those friends who together take a trip to Europe and the Pakistani actress shares screen space to quite a satisfactory extent.

Zoha Rahman doesn’t wear the hijab on a daily basis in her personal life, and even auditioned for the role without one. Thanks to the secrecy of Marvel casting sessions, she didn’t even know wheat character she was auditioning for until the MCU officials asked her to wear a hijab for her role. Little did she know that Rahman will be making huge strides for an improved representation of South Asians and Muslims in Hollywood by starring in the franchise.

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Earlier Kamala Khan was speculated to be the first Muslim superhero as talks about a standalone movie underway went viral; however, it’s Zoha Rahman who truly made it to screen to represent the Muslim females.

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