‘Indian 2’ Accident: 3 Dead & 10 Injured At Kamal Hassan’s Film’s Set

Noted filmmaker Shankar Shanmugham was severally injured and his two assistants were killed in an on-set tragedy wherein a crane crashed to the ground. The accident took place on the sets of Kamal Hassan starrer Indian 2 where 10 people were severely injured.

The director who has reportedly suffered a severely fractured leg was filming scenes for his highly anticipated film #Indian2 when the mishap happened. Kamal Haasan offered condolence and said, “I have faced and overcome many accidents, but today’s is the most horrific one. I lost three colleagues. The distress of their family members will be many times greater than my own pain. I share their grief as one of them. My deepest condolences to them.”

In another recent tweet, Hassan wrote, “I have spoken to doctors looking after the accident in the hospital. First aid is provided and appropriate treatment works are carried out. Let them dawn tonight with the hope that they will get better soon.”

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