Priyanka Says She Doesn’t Go More Than 2 Weeks Without Seeing Nick

Even when we’re all quarantined in this time of a pandemic-lockdown, Priyanka Chopra’s pictures come as a breath of fresh air. The actor stuns as the muse for Tatler Magazine’s May issue.

Before the coronavirus pandemic began, Tatler photographed actress Priyanka Chopra for the May cover. In the accompanying interview, she spoke to Jane Mulkerrins about being married to pop royalty, Nick Jonas, their plans to start a family, and why she doesn’t think beauty pageants and feminism are mutually exclusive – it’s a welcome dose of escapism in present circumstances.

The 37-year-old cites her parents as her main inspiration and influence in her life, saying: ‘All my mother’s sisters were academics and my dad was a free-thinking creative, a musician and an artist, as well as a surgeon. My grandmother – my dad’s mum – always used to say, about me, “Who’s going to marry her? She can’t cook.” And my dad would say, “I’ll send a cook with her. She never needs to go into the kitchen.” My mum didn’t know how to cook when she got married. My dad taught her how. And he taught her everything he liked to eat. Clever man.’

Married to Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers fame, she talks about balancing her husband’s career as a touring musician with her burgeoning one in Hollywood, where she was until recently filming for an upcoming sequel to The Matrix. ‘We don’t go more than two/three weeks without seeing each other,’ she explains. ‘That’s a rule. It’s too hard otherwise, and you’ve got to work on the relationship, to prioritise it.’

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