Unforgettable Ads From The 90’s That Will Make You Travel Back In Time

There’s something about throwbacks that make ‘living in the past’ not so bad, after all. Moving forward is inevitable, but it’s always nice to take a pause, rewind and soak in some nostalgia. So here’s a list of ad’s from the 90’s that’ll make you travel back in time. You can thank us later.

1. Remember Dhara’s Iconic ‘Jalebi’ Ad?

Raise you hand if you still say ‘jalebi’ like the little boy in the ad, every time someone mentions the delectable Indian dessert?

2. When Cadbury Taught Us ‘Zindagi Ka Swaad’

Cadbury’s dancing girl could bring a smile on everyone’s face. You’d be lying if you say watching the ad, after all these years, didn’t make you smirk.

3. Class Work, Homework, Punishment, Lecture – Good…Good Morning Teacher!

Fighting, friendship, masti, PT – baji bell, aur ho gayi chhutti! We all knew this jingle by heart, didn’t we?

4. The Ad That Made Rahul Dravid ‘Jammy’

The one thing we wondered about this ad back then, is the same thought that comes to the mind even now – how could Jammy’s mother not recognise her own son, when everyone else in the world could tell it was him?!

5. Amul’s Iconic ‘Doodh Hai Wonderful’

The one ad that actually got 90’s kids to relish milk – only to be able to sing the jingle while finishing their glass, only because we’d all learnt it by heart. Remember singing it with school friends on the bus ride back home?

6. When The ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ Gang Left Us Asking For More

‘Maango dil se, milega more’, sang Shah Rukh as a young Shahid Kapoor was transported to a world of fantasies as he opened a bottle of well, Pepsi. Remember how we were all taken by surprise when Kajol enters the frame.

7. When Priety Zinta Was Known As The Liril Girl

Priety Zinta may have been made a strong impression with a soap ad, but that’s not why she got the ‘bubbly’ tag, in case you’ve been wondering.

If you can think of more popular ads from the 90’s that we may have missed out, do remind us in the comments below.