Beauty Tips

Winter Special: DIY Lip Exfoliators For Kissable Lips

Don’t we all agree that chapped lips are no fun?  Winters in India means ‘Dryness,’ and this dry weather can take a toll on your precious pout. Sometimes our lips need some extra love and care to get rid of

Natural Skincare Ingredients That Celebrities Swear By

Actors don’t seem to age and we can’t help but wonder what it takes to achieve spotless skin with a radiant glow. It seems like most of these tinsel town beauties turn back to age-old remedies and DIY face packs

A Guide To Select Your Signature Scent!

A signature scent serves as a personal memory to cherish friends and loved ones in an ideal world. A fragrance can linger on clothes, in rooms and remind you of the person. But there is something very daunting about picking

5 Trendy Manicures That Are Hot In Trend This Season

Are you ready to dress your nails in the latest fad? Here is a list of trendy manicures that you must have your eyes on as they are going to get popular this season- Stiletto Nails Sharp and pointed, stiletto

5 Beauty And Makeup Mistakes To Avoid This Winter

Makeup in winter is not a piece of cake. The dry and cracky skin can irritate and make your face look dull. Well, here are some winter makeup tips that you can follow to avoid patchy skin. Cracking foundation Do not apply foundation directly on the