10 Beauty Hacks Every Beach Babe Should Know

These 10 simple hacks make sure you look like an absolute diva at the beach. Scroll through!

1. A sun-kissed look with shimmer and highlighter 

The secret to get a sun-kissed look at the beach is to use some shimmer oil/lotion. Apply a small amount of it all over your skin so it looks luminous and radiant in an instant!

2. Tan Lotion

You needn’t bask in the sun to get that tan. It comes effortlessly with tan lotion. If you have an uneven skin tone, or stretch marks you want to hide, use a tanning lotion to mask. This will also prevent you from the dangers sitting in the sun might cause to your skin. Plus, who doesn’t look better with some tan on?

3. Body oil

If you’re a no make-up person and highlighters ruin your vibe, use body oil or body balm to get that ‘glowy dewy’ look! P.S  Did you know there are body lotions available with shimmer?!

4. Stand straight and tall

Your body posture has a lot to do with you looking confident and even beach ready, so always put out your most flattering pose so you come across as a statuesque diva!

5. Exercise before you head out, eat but don’t bloat

Avoid alcohol because it can take you from a flat tummy to a morning belly bloat in an instant. Drink tonnes of water. Eat in bits. Avoid food that is rich in sodium, as that retains water.

6. Trim

Shave, wax or trim. Nothing sexier than a smooth, clear skin glowing skin under the sun. Short skirts and flirty bikinis, who needs those extra hairlines!

7. Exfoliate

Wanting to combat dry skin, ingrown hair, or just feeling the need of an overall glow? Before you head out, exfoliate and  get rid of dead skin.

8. Drive the focus to to the best of your features

You don’t have to have a size 0 figure or a toned butt to wear a bikini. If it helps, accentuate your best features and drive all the attention there. Put on some water proof mascara if you want, let your hair down, highlight your cheek bones, show off your collar bones, or your toned legs. Only you can make yourself feel beautiful. Get a manicure and pedicure before you stand with your toes in the sand.

9 After soaking in the sun, soothe your skin 


While applying sunscreen is a bare necessity, get rid of any redness and soothe your skin by applying ‘after sun lotion’.

10. Always use water-proof makeup and carry a makeup fix spray 

The only way to keep your makeup in place is to wear waterproof makeup and spray some fixing spray over!


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