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5 DIY Ideas To Battle Dry Winter Skin

As much as we love the winter season, we cannot deny the fact that it brings a dry-itchy-irritated feeling along with it. The winter can be brutal in some areas, which does not help when taking care of our skin. Also, along with the cold weather, the combination of dry air, low humidity, heat sources and even hot baths make it difficult for us to keep our skin hydrated and adds to the dryness. There are skin types that start cracking as soon as the fall kicks in. Stocking up on high quality moisturizers, body lotions, lip balms, scrubs and various other products for the entire winter season can be our only saviour. And for this, we highly recommend using a brand that is purer and healthier than any other brand!

For all of you who struggle with dry, itchy skin, we are here to help! Since it is never wise to resort to any chemical products found in the market, here are some chemical-free, DIY skin care ideas that you can make right at home with a few simple ingredients.

1)An All-Natural Body Butter

There are all kinds of body butters available in the store but they are drenched in chemicals. Hence, it becomes essential to find a product with all-natural ingredients in it, preferably something which is home-made.

You can end up making all-natural homemade body butter with just 4 ingredients and 3 steps. Start off with  1 cup of Shea butter, half a cup of almond oil, half a cup of coconut oil and a few drops of essential oil (skin serum). After all the ingredients are gathered, place the shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil on heat and mix well. Once that’s done, take the mixture off the stove and add few drops of essential oil it. Keep the butter in the fridge to set and your body butter is ready to beat the winter down.

2) Homemade Whipped Hand Cream

This whipped cream will help you save your skin from the harsh winters while keeping the fragrance quotient intact. Our hands are always naked and it becomes necessary to keep those babies safe. Your dry skin will feel silky smooth when you rub in this whipped body cream mixture made with 4 ounces of coconut oil, 4 ounces of Shea butter and 3 tbsp of raw honey/castor oil. You can also add in essential oils and even a drop of vanilla extract for a beautiful aroma.

To make it, you have to mix the shea butter, coconut oil and honey/castor oil together and whip them up properly to get a nice thick consistency. Add a few drops of vanilla essence and your homemade whipped hand cream is ready!

3)  A Healing Lip Balm and a Lip Scrub

Keeping the lips smooth and luscious should be our top concern for the winter season. Our lips tend to crack from the moment the fall arrives and doesn’t seem to get better. Hence, in order to take good care of ones’ lips two products take the top position. First, is a lip scrub to remove the dry and dead skin from the lips and the second is a lip balm to hydrate and keep the lips silky smooth.

For the lip balm, you need 2 tbsp of Beeswax (wax produced by honey bees), 2 tbsp of coconut oil, some essential oil and 2 tsps of almond oil. Start by grading the beeswax and once it’s done, add the coconut oil and almond oil in it. Melt all the ingredients by heating them up and add a few drops of essential oil as it is put off heat. Finally, before it cools, transfer it to a container and your lip balm is ready.

To make the lip scrub, gather the following ingredients- 3 tsp of sugar, half a tsp of oil as an added moisturiser, half a tsp of honey and any kind of extract for essence. Mix them all up until they are evenly distributed. Make sure you have a consistency that is very granulated but still comes together. And voila, you have a natural homemade lip scrub for the winter.

4)  Hydrating winter body scrub

A body scrub should definitely be used in your bath right after washing your body with soap. It battles itchy- irritated skin and helps us take care of it. For this recipe, you need some of the best ingredients such as half a cup of coconut, 1 tbsp of almond and 1 tbsp avocado oil, 2 tea bags of organic green tea leaves, 1 and a half cups of sugar, some sea salt and a few drops of essential oil. Combine all of these ingredients in a bowl until everything is incorporated. The final step is to spoon the scrub mix into your glass jars for storage. You can also use it whenever you take a shower or bath. This homemade scrub will help hydrate and exfoliate your skin in the dry weather.

5)  DIY Vitamin E Body Wash

The soap or the body wash you use also determines your skin type. Harsh soaps and washes without any oil content can ruin your skin further. It is therefore necessary to use an all-natural body wash which is going to keep your skin radiant and smooth.

To start preparing the body wash, gather 3 tbsp of coconut oil, one cup of soap base, half a cup of honey, 2 tbsp of glycerine, some essential oil and 2 tbsp of castor oil. But the most important ingredient is 1 tsp of Vitamin E. Mix the coconut oil, honey, the soap base, glycerine and castor oil together. Add a few drops of essential oil in it and mix it with a blender.


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