5 Strange Ingredients Popular In Korean Skincare

Korean skincare has taken the beauty world by storm. In Korean culture, people give importance to skincare to look youthful and radiant. The products are hailed as the most advanced and effective, all while majorly using natural ingredients. Here are a few strange ingredients that people swear by.

Pig Collagen

Yes you read that right. This ingredient is derived from pig’s skin and bones. It stimulates collagen which prevents wrinkles and is used in anti-ageing products.

Snail mucin

Snail mucin is neither mucus nor their secretion but the slimy liquid that they produce when they are under stress. They are apparently produced without harming the snails. This fairly new ingredient is great for hydration, collagen, exfoliation and soothing irritation.

Volcanic clay

Volcanic clay is formulated from minerals released from volcanic explosion in Jeju Island with another great ingredient AHA. Purifier, gentle exfoliant that helps in clearing clogged pores.

Horse oil

The ingredient is exactly what it means and is derived from the fat of the horse. Animal byproducts have been used in the skincare industry for centuries known as gelatin and lanolin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps lock the moisture in.

Bee venom

The word venom might sound scary but it’s totally harmless and the bees are not hurt in the extraction process. It’s known for plumping the skin, increasing blood circulation and reducing fine lines.