5 Ways To Look Good On a Bad Hair Day

To manage your hair is itself a tiresome endeavour. And to make it look stupendous always, is even more challenging. You can have a jolly day when you look upbeat especially when the day matters so much to you; it can be some pompous party, or perhaps a big day at work or probably some date, where you do have to look good. However, often your hair can be a hefty problem and to manage it on its worst days need observation and tactics or perhaps just a quick reading.

1. The Bun Method

Often, a clean bun on all hair types looks stunning. It somehow shows your neckline and put on a line of grace on you. No matter how bad or good your hair is- a high raised bun never fails in providing you with a charming look. And if possible, let some hair fall on your temple deliberately, which further adds to the beauty quotient!

2. Wearing Indian helps

No matter how sloppy your hair looks, ethnic never fails to make you look good. A simple kurta over jeans, or perhaps just a scarf that has some fine work on it. Wearing it over some plain top or shirt along with some customary earrings or jhumkis often compensates for your unkempt hair. Somehow, traditional seems to do wonders on perhaps every woman, irrespective of one’s hair-type or quality!

3. Putting on shades

Seemingly, this method comes up with certain limitations, for you cannot put on shades at night! But definitely, it’s a great way of dealing with your hair otherwise offering you a real tough time. And somehow the spot-light goes off from your chaotic hair to your chic look further offered by the classy shades indeed keeping you on fleek. It goes pretty well with a look of any sort, be it ethnic, formals or casuals.

4. Plaiting of hair

Long hair can often be braided in any sort of plait, kept in front or at the back. This too solves major messy-hair problems. There are numerous ways in which you can braid your hair into. For instance, the trending fish-tail braids or the French plait. Tried and tested, never fails to put on a stupendous look. Short hair too can be braided by dividing the hair, taking half of it back and applying some styles. Flicks, however, are additional beauty enhancers.

5. Apply non-sticky oil or some hair serum

Keeping your hair intact on a bad hair day offers a clean look, and hence keeps it a light and simple look.  Intact hair could be tied into a high ponytail or perhaps kept loose if wearing a one-piece dress or something casual. Intact hair with shiny look offers some kind of a formal and neat look and hence often helps on a day when your hair defies you.

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