7 Beauty Products All Women Must Have In Their Handbags

A woman’s hand bag has hundreds of things in it. But there are some essential beauty products without which a woman cannot function and are a must have in her handbag. These products will help a girl go smoothly through the entire day without any regret of leaving them back at home.

Let us have a look at the 7 most essential beauty products that all girls must have in their handbags.

# Lip-Balm

Because applying lipstick over chapped or peeling lips is never cute. Always keeping your lips hydrated is a necessary beauty mantra for not only all the girls but also for the boys over there. Hence, a proper tinted lip balm is a must in your bag, girls!!

Also, lip-balm is also an awesome substitute for people who do not like lipsticks.

# An Emergency Make-up Kit

Imagine you have a sudden change of plans and need a quick touch-up for an important event. This is the time when an emergency make-up kit becomes a life-saver. A little blush, a foundation, lipstick, a kajal and some jewelry can make the perfect light make-up kit which can fit in the tiniest part of your bag. Oh! And do not forget a small mirror to add to the collection.

# A Good Ol’ Moisturizer

Save yourself from dryness and irritation by always carrying a moisturizer with you. A good hand cream or a body lotion is not only a necessity to keep your skin hydrated and moist but is also required to maintain a decent facade.

Hence, don’t embarrass yourself and always carry an emollient of any sorts with you!

# Wet-Wipes

Our skins shouldn’t be controlled by dust or even make-up. So a pack of wet-wipe is a must have in your bag. It is useful for not just one but various reasons altogether, starting from removing make-up and sweat from your skin to keeping your skin hydrated and clean.

Wet wipes are not a necessity only for girls but for boys too. Because it is about keeping your skin clear from any polluting particles.

# Extra Scrunchies and a Hair Brush

Do you always regret of not carrying extra scrunchies with you? That’s because it is the most essential product for every girl with long hair. Not having an extra one can be a pain since we all tend to lose one or the other. Having said that, a hair brush also plays an essential part in your daily beauty routine since we do not like to sport the messy hair look on important events.

Hence, to all the girls! A hair brush and a scrunchie is a must if you do not want to spend the day in remorse.

# A Refreshing Deodorant

Body odor is a huge displeasure for every person on this planet as well as the person herself/himself. A good deodorant will not only keep you fresh all day long, but will also save your day. But for that you will always have to carry one in your bag and save yourself from embarrassment.

Remember! No One likes body odor!


And Guys! Last but not the least; do not forget to keep a hand sanitiser in your bag. Hygiene is the key to a healthy beauty routine. And for starters its keeping your hands clean, to carry out any activity. Be it applying cream or make-up or any other product and basically to a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.

P.S. Clean hands every day, can keep a doctor away.


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