Less Is More, The Only Beauty Trend You Need To Follow In 2019

Headed to the beach? Who other than celebrity makeup artist Kapil Bhalla, the man behind the beautiful Kingfisher Calendar models, to guide us through! Here’s how you can be a head turner at your next beach vacation!

1. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

The first rule is to hydrate your skin as much as you can. Keep it well moisturized even if it’s summer or humid day, because anything you apply on dry skin will flake out. Pro Tip: Use a tinted moisturiser to create a hydrated base and your skin will be prepped for a light makeup look.

2. Less Is More


‘Less is more’ is the make up trend you need to ace this season and to achieve this, you need to understand balance. If you’re going for a bright red or bold maroon lip colour, balance it out with a brown smokey eye, instead of black; if you’re going heavy on the blush, a muted red lip gloss works the best. Make sure you don’t have everything bold and bright at the same time.

3. Keep Your Skin Healthy

There is nothing better than clear, naturally glowing skin. Remember that your skin needs to do the talking and everything else can be underplayed.

4. Creating A Perfect Sun-Kissed Look

Go for bronze highlights on a sunny day at the beach for a sun-kissed look! To start with, identify your skin complexion first. If you have a dusky skin tone, bronze and gold work the best as a highlighter. For a fairer skin tones, the best way is to stick to softer, muted golds as bronze might end up looking too patchy and heavy. Step two is to identify the highlight points of your face, this could be your cheek bones, chin, temples or eyebrow line. Opt for powder highlighters instead of liquid or cream ones as they are easier to use and they blend easily without giving you a greasy look.

5. Must Use Makeup Products:

A heavy mascara, some basic eye shadow and a glossy lip balm will do the trick to get you ready for the beach!

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