Your Skin Is Getting Ruined Due To Technology, And This Is What You Should Do About It

In the palm of your hand; this simple phrase does have dangerous connotations, and I am not talking about  a calculating human who can make you dance to his or her tunes. But, rather an inanimate force that has made us slaves to it’s flickering charm. Yes, the screen of your smart phone and the tablet you can’t live or do without.

Digital Detox is no longer just fashionable but imperative, it’s effects on mind and body well documented.

But, all you ladies out there, do you realize how that little screen you carry like a prized possession, is causing grave damage to your skin?

So let’s start with the first, those tiny crinkles around your eyes, the infamous crows feet. It’s not something that creeps up in your mid 30’s, the 20 somethings too have these visible sign of ageing to deal with. Constantly squinting your eyes to read the fonts, as you contract the muscles to focus better, the creases make themselves home. So, take frequent breaks, use a good eye cream or quick hacks that we can recommend here is take two teaspoons of aloe vera gel and smear it around the eyes and rinse after fifteen minutes.

The text neck, constantly looking down to check the phone, yes we understand there is no other option you have to bend the neck don’t you. But, this involuntary repeat movement causes creasing and the delicate skin loosens its elasticity. So, don’t bend the neck your neck, hold your screen at eye level and practice exercises that strengthen your posture.

Acne, yes your screen is a magnet for bacteria, with every phone call, the moment you cradle the phone against your skin, say hello to zits. Try using headphones, or use a microfiber cloth to clean your phone, and yes do it every single day. Don’t press your phone against your skin. Cleanse and treat your skin with products that have anti acne ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

Well that’s not it, fed up of pale sallow skin? Blame it on the constant hours scrolling down your Instagram feed or trying to catch up that one episode of your favorite show. Too much time with your digital candy makes you a dull girl. So cut down on screen time, avoid using the phone two hours before bed time, sleep well and your skin will be grateful!


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