Beginner’s Guide To Makeup By Ace Beauty Artist Jordan Liberty

Did you recently develop a love for makeup? Are you worried you might end up looking like a clown? Worry not, here’s a list of all that you need to do and not do to as a newbie – by ace make up artist Jordan Liberty, no less! 

Don’t follow makeup “rules!” Sure, there are more effective ways to apply, but makeup should be more about personality than a strict set of guidelines.

Don’t rely on powder if you want skin to look fresh. Instead, use great oil-controlling prep products to minimize the need for excess powder that looks dry and cakey.

Don’t stress about perfection. Some of the most beautiful makeup looks are imprecise. Again, makeup is all about your individual personality.


Do invest time in your brows! Brows frame the face and express your emotions. From brow maintenance to brow gel, your arches really define and polish your look.

Do keep a lip brush handy for your bolder lipstick shades. With nude tones, it’s easy to swipe color on without being too precise, but richer colors can look rather sloppy without a defined edge. I prefer a wider lip brush or even a flat concealer brush to create sharp edges swiftly. Makeup isn’t about perfection, but a clean lip line will always pop the lips.

Don’t feel the need to wear full coverage foundation. You’d be surprised how much coverage you can achieve with a tinted moisturizer and cleverly applied concealer. Less foundation means less need for powder, less creasing and caking, and less aged-looking skin.

Do utilize correctors when brightening the complexion or under eye! Simply choosing a lighter shade will always result in a lackluster or grey look. By applying a peach or orange primer, you can apply a lighter foundation or concealer to brighten without looking unnatural or unhealthy.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Makeup washes off! I love trying out new makeup techniques and come up with the best makeup tricks when I’m pushing myself outside the box.

Do invest in good brushes! I can’t stress this enough. The right brushes will do most of the work for you. If you love makeup, it’s worth investing in a quality professional set.

Don’t keep makeup beyond its expiration. When in doubt, I toss makeup items that have been opened and used after about a year to 18 months depending on the product. Bacteria breeds especially well in closed tubes like liquid concealer and lip gloss – you don’t want any of that on your skin!

A legend amongst both the professional beauty community as well as makeup enthusiasts worldwide, Jordan’s artistry extends beyond makeup to photography, education, creative direction, consulting, marketing and product development. His many awards include the coveted ‘Best of Beauty’ award from Allure Magazine and ‘Artist of the Year’ by The Makeup Show.

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