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These Are The Best Bridal Make-Up Artists In Your City

Remember our first encounter with make-up? We probably got it all messed up because we had no idea ‘winged cat eyes’ existed or that we could contour our face to make it look more… uh, shapely? Fast forward to today, make-up tutorials are our favourite way to pass time. And we have in our big fat make-up kit more than a few hacks. We love make-up! 

But nailing the perfect bridal make-up is a different ball game altogether, it is not easy. And since we’re always solving all your problems while you’re busy with all the preparations, we have rounded up the best in the industry. Where to find them? Right in your city! 

The Absolute Best Make-Up Artists in Delhi 

1) Jasmeet Kapany 

You’re binding yourself in lifelong commitment and that’s more than some serious business. Which is why you need someone who can efficiently handle the make-up department.  Kapany runs in and around the city to make sure you look totally gorgeous on your big day. But if yours is a destination wedding Jasmeet CAN travel, not only for you but also for you friends and family! Her services can be availed at affordable prices and tailored as per your needs.

2) Aakriti Kochar 

From fashion, advertising to even celebrities, Aakriti not only knows the art of make-up but also that of casting her charm on everyone! Her make-up style is subtle for the modern bride as she believes in enhancing through her creative activity one’s natural features. Kochar will accompany you across the states and even abroad!

Trying to contact her? Just drop a DM on her Instagram!

The Absolute Best Make-Up Artists in Mumbai 

1) Daniel Bauer 

How to get the look right for your wedding? Fear not. Why not hire a celebrity make-up artist? You’re pretty much the star at your wedding, right queen? Regarded as Mumbai’s top, Daniel is a wonder man! He is the hand behind many of our Bollywood diva’s steal-worthy make-up looks – be it Kareena, Katrina, Anushka or Priyanka or Deepika.

2) Elton Fernandez 

Truly the magic maker in the industry, Elton is supremely talented. Anybody who’s even a tad bit interested in the make-up world knows this man is unarguably the best. He takes it as his job to glam up the hottest faces in B-Town and as your personal MUA? HE WILL AMAZE YOU! Need proof? Ever seen a physiognomy as flawless as Aditi Rao Hydari’s? He makes sure she turns all the heads in the room and that is exactly why he is on her speed dial!

The Absolute Best Make-Up Artists in Hyderabad 

1) Aliya Baig 

Hi Hyderabadis, the city of beautiful pearls and friendly faces has heard her name more than about a few hundred thousand times, we know. Just call her already! This lovely lady is also a celeb make-up expert who puts her heart and soul into what she does. With this woman your bridal look just can’t go wrong.

2) Tamanna Rooz 

Tamanna Rooz is a well renowned MUA, this lovely lady works round the clock for her clients. There is nothing she can’t do with hair and make-up. Her brides are the stunners! It is super easy to find an artist but to find one that’s skilled and talented? Tough, but what we are here for? Thank us later!

The Absolute Best Make-Up Artists in Chennai

1) Akriti Sachdev

If her ‘natural’ make-up canvas is THIS… I think you’re getting what we are trying to say. Akriti Sachdev, a M.A.C certified who has trained under various celebrity make-up artists, tops are list of Chennai circuit’s best! She specializes in high definition Airbrush Makeup which gives a natural yet flawless finish, note that down. Akriti is travelling across India and abroad to ensure the brides look like a million bucks on their wedding day.

2) Ralph Daniels 

He is one of the most sought after make-up artist. Did you know he left his paycheck for his passion? This man is so good at what he does, he is proof that with dedication and persistence when you shoot for the stars you can land on the moon.

The Absolute Best Make-Up Artists in Kolkata

1) Abhijit Chanda

A young professional MUA from Kolkata who has over 15 years of experience, Abhijit will bring out your inner glam. With many projects in hand, just make sure you book him well in advance! His philosophy? He’s not copying your favourite celebrity look on you, he will discover your personality and work solely on accentuating your features.

2) Aniruddha Chakladar 

He has about 18 year’s of experience in fashion, film and advertising agency, just saying. And for good reason, look at this bride. His passion lies in dolling up brides! Aniruddha works with the bride-to-be right from the start, from understanding her aspirations regarding her dream look to helping her find the right dress and the right jewellery. Thus, he makes sure you look not just beautiful but also feel extremely self-confident on your most awaited day!

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