Headed To The Beach? Celebrity Hairstylist Franco Vallelonga Reveals Which Hairdo To Sport

Want to look flawless at the beach? Are you worried about getting your hair wet and messy? Be it the beachy waves or the windswept hair, be it the slick back straight or the tied in a pony tail hair, the secret is one. Celebrity Hairstylist Franco Vallelengo says it is always cool to keep it casual at the beach! Here’s how you can style your hair just like the Kingfisher Calendar models…

Athleisure is the next big thing even in hairstyling. How does Franco incorporate the fashion fad? Braids. The best way to keep hair off your face, braids are perfect for hair of any length. Keeping it simple yet stylish with a tad bit of trendy detailing, just like our model, is how you can rock braids at the beach!

“Saltwater does wonders to your hair”, says Franco Vallelonga. The secret to the most fantabulous beach hairstyle is just that – saltwater! Instead of avoiding the water, take a dip, walk on to the sandy shores as you scrunch your wet hair. No products needed and voila! You’ve got those alluring beach waves every girl desires. The saltwater will keep your hair looking crisp. However, to keep your slick back hair runway ready use hair wax to make sure no strand moves out of place.



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