Winged Is Passé, Here’s How You Can Up Your Eyeliner Game!

Have you also given yourself a black eye trying to fix that godforsaken winged eyeliner? It’s complex, it’s messy, and fortunately, it’s also out of fashion! Dear winged-eyeliner, we had a good run but now it’s time for us to move on to prettier things.

Eyeliner GIF

Speaking of pretty things, the eyes are easily the most evocative part of a human being. To accentuate their beauty, eyeliners are a must have in your make-up arsenal. Choosing how you style your eyeliner is no less than choosing your personality for the day. Here are some quirky ways to do up your liner to channel that inner Boss B*tch, Kawaii Kween or whatever you please!

1. Cat-eye with a twist

A slight improvement on the winged, the cat-eye eyeliner makes for a stunning, no-nonsense look. What’s even better? The upside-down cat-eye, perfect for breaking the monotony.

2. Colour burst

Whoever said eyeliner must be a monochromatic affair? Pick a colour (or more) that complements your eyes or one that looks absolutely wacky. Forget the rules, show off your hues!

3. Double trouble

Okay, we know we’re ready to break up with the winged eyeliner. Not so fast though, because its new and improved version looks pretty swell. Behold, the double-winged eyeliner! Caution: Try it at home because it can cause double the mess.

4. Something fishy

Go topical with your eye make-up the next time you’re at the beach, with this ‘on-fleek’ look. Flick your two liners in opposite directions, mimicking a fish tail, and get ready to turn those heads.

5. Dots, dots, dots

Here’s the foolproof, no-mess eyeliner idea you’ve been waiting for. You’ve done it on middle-school math graphs and you can do it again, but on your eyes this time. Pick a pattern and plot those dots away.

6. Freestyle Goddess

Make-up is certainly an art, and the face, a canvas. Set up your little over-the-dressing-table laboratory and get experimenting! Lines, geometric shapes, patterns, colours, glitter — when eyeliner-ing, there’s room for all sorts of creativity.




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