Exclusive: After Launching Her Own Brand, Katrina Kaif Talks All About Beauty

So many nail polishes and not enough fingers, so this festive season let your hands do all the talk.
Take off those claw sheaths and go all out to add some festive cheer on your nails, glitter, glossy or just understated glam.

Actress Katrina Kaif who turns entrepreneur with her latest brand of cosmetics, shares her own nail polish stories and tells you how to paint town with your signature shade.

GoodTimes: What was your first nail polish memory?
Katrina Kaif: Painting each nail a different colour as a child!

GoodTimes: Are you the red or the pink girl?
Katrina Kaif: Can’t choose, love both equally.

GoodTimes: Does your nail polish reflect your mood?
Katrina Kaif: My nail paint colour choices are mostly dependant on the occasion I am wearing them on. My comfort colour will always be a Nude, and I know it’s true for most people. That’s why we made 12 shades of nudes to suit everyone, so that they can reach out for without thinking too much.

– Reds are for statement nails on a classic outfit
– Pinks are for brightening up your day
– Nudes are for everyday!
– Browns are for retro feels

GoodTimes: A pet peeve when it comes to nails?

Katrina Kaif: Tampering with cuticles. When choosing nail paint remember to have fun and just play around with colours

GoodTimes: What makes Kay different from the rest?

Katrina Kaif: Kay Beauty Nail Nourish Nail Lacquer combines nail care with high shine glossy colour. The Avocado Oil and Lemon Peel Water help the nails with hydration, prevent chipping and yellowing of the nails. The formula delivers a super glossy gel like finish that is to die for! So in just one stroke you get pure colour and it cares for your nails, what’s not to love!

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