Matte To Gloss: The Ultimate Guide To All Things Lipstick

In all honesty, lipsticks are a great way to enhance our beauty. No matter which of these is your fix, be it a matte or gloss, a lip balm is your best friend. Here, some popular kind of lipsticks. What kind is your favourite?

Creme Lipsticks

Creme lipsticks give you some intense colour pop with rich moisture for a long-lasting pout. In comparison, Crayon Lipsticks are not as pigmented as a creme lipstick. Basically, you could call the crayon lippie a tinted lip balm.

Matte Lipsticks – For a velvety finish 

Who isn’t obsessed with matte lipsticks? These magic makers deliver bold colour. When playing around with mattes one can go lighter with their make-up, maybe just do brows and cheeks? You’ll be rocking it wherever you go, to the mall or party hopping. Moreover, mattes come super handy when you’re not in the mood to doll up. Throw your hair in a bun, paint your lips with a matte, you’re still a fashion hit!

If you hate matte lipsticks only because they dry your lips out, you’re NOT prepping your lips. Apply a lip balm before your favourite shade, watch how it glides then! FYI, Matte Balms also exist.

Lip Tints and Lip Stains 

Adjacent to the matte lipstick formula, Lip Stains are all about high-impact colour with minimal shine. Stains do what their name suggests – stain. These provide a soft veil of colour on your lips in a texture that is matte.

Lipsticks have a waxy base which is why those are easier to get on your lips. Lip stains on the other hand is mostly water or gel. It’s possible to not be able to find your classic red in a lip stain, lip stains offer fewer colour options.

Sheer Lipsticks – If you’re all about low-key glamour

Sheer lipsticks are silky-smooth, their ultra-moisturizing formula gives your lips a shine, without the heaviness. Perfect for everyday wear, sheer lippies are for those who love the feel of a lip balm but don’t quite like the look of a lipstick but want to wear a lipstick! If you want texture with a hint of gloss, go shimmer with sheer lipsticks!

Sheer lipsticks are high on oil component, the shade you pick would be a little lighter than what it appears to be.

Lip Gloss

If you’re a diva looking for colour, sheer and luster to add on those lips- a gloss will leave shimmer and a luscious shine. You could either apply it over your lipstick or let it stand out alone.

Lip Plumpers

Want plumper lips? The answer is not a cosmetic surgery, just get yourself a lip plumper lipstick. These with some simple wizardry make your lips appear fuller without changing their shape in any way. The tingling-inducing ingredients of a lip plumper will increase blood circulation to your lips and that’s all!

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