Save Your Hair From Monsoon Rains. Here’s How

Monsoon rains create havoc for your hair and leave you with almost no ‘Good Hair Day’ at all. Tied up hair can be a solid solution to this. Hair buns have become the firm favourite and most versatile hairstyle of all time! Here is a list of six quick and easy-to-make hair buns which will make sure that your hair look frizz-free in the rains.

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1. Ballerina buns

This is an easy way to save your hair from getting wet and they keep you looking stylish as well.

2. Crown Braided buns

Although this halo-like bun needs some time to be made, it is a must try.

3. Double buns

Think you’re ballsy enough to take on a cool hairdo? Go for double buns adorned with elastic bands to look uber cool.

4. Side up do

Go for a cute romantic romantic hairstyle in the form of a side bun. Keep it simple or add some flowers.

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5. Scarf up do

The scarf hairstyle saves you from hair fall during the rains and they are perfect to make a style statement.

6. Pretzel buns

Tie up fun messy buns on the lower side of the head. This just looks completely right for any wedding function.


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