Move Over Outfits, These Halloween Make Up Tips Are Winning In 2019!

Skip the traditional costumes and jump to equally artsy – but way cooler version of self-expression; get into the right spirit of Halloween with just the best make up!


Imitate Jules’ abstract pops of colour, Rue’s shining eyes, Cassie’s stunning rhinestones or just Kat’s purple mouth. This Halloween re-create iconic looks from HBO’s Euphoria and watch everyone around you bow down, we bet.


If sparkly stuff is just too ‘eerie’ for you, ‘let’s put a smile on that face’.


Pennywise’s clown look is just an uncomplicated genre of our infamous super villain’s.

The Nun

And if you’re aiming to look the ‘creepiest’ at your friend’s party, this is the look for you. Just continue with your eye make-up routine like you do, the mascara or the liner will automatically give you the look. Right, girls? Just double up on that black liquid, layer after layer.


Pick your little sibling’s paint brushes and go on, turn yourself blue.