How To Make Your Nails Shine All Through Monsoon

The beloved Indian monsoon has finally arrived. We are all ready to take it head on, with our skincare and beauty regimens. But do we have a nail care regimen in place? We do take our nails for granted, because well, let’s face it, every time our nail-paint chips we just put on a new coat. It’s minimal maintenance, but is it? Absolutely not! And here’s how we can change our presumption!

1. Breathe In

Breathing is essential for life to prosper. Then why deprive your nails of it? Toenails specially tend to get sweaty and smelly in the monsoons if you wear tight boots or ballerinas, therefore giving breeding grounds to bacteria. Why not opt for open sandals or funky flip-flops instead and allow them to breathe?

2. Cuticle Care

If the nails protect your fingertips, the cuticles protect your nails. Avoid trimming your cuticles this monsoon for both fingernails and toenails, as this can make your nails prone to some really painful infections. Instead, just push them back gently.

3. Trim Away

We know you’ve been growing your nails forever for the perfect French manicure for this festive season, but it’s better if you trim them up. The moisture and humidity in the atmosphere during the Indian monsoons tend to make nails brittle, and therefore, easily breakable. So, avoid the pain and trim the nails yourself already. Better safe than sorry.

4. Be Gentle


Love using your nails to open tight cans or scratch stuff? Or biting or peeling the skin around them? Nails are unworthy of being subject to so much injustice. Treat them gently and they will love you right back.

5. Keep ‘em Clean

Grime and grub in your nails is not just displeasing for the eyes, but also extremely unhealthy. And monsoons and long nails automatically mean more dirt, which can cause worse problems for your tummy too. Wash your hands regularly and soak them in water mixed with a mild shampoo or with some Epsom salt at least once a week. This makes them stay neat and clean and well-hydrated too!

6. Nail-Care Products


Nails have some tailor-made cosmetics as well, such as nail-strengthening creams and moisturizers. A basic hand-cream or even petroleum jelly would work wonders for your nail health. Also, try and buy acetone free nail-polish removers, preferably enriched with Vitamin E. So, next time you remove the chipped nail paint, you actually enrich your nails with vital nutrients.

7. Eat and Drink Well


It is vital for overall nail health, and even for shiny hair, to drink lots of water throughout the day. You don’t need to change your diet in monsoons, but do try to add nutrients through health supplements like Biotin, Vitamin E and Omega 3. Both your hair and nails will require this protein to stay strong and healthy.

So, avoid painful infections and harmful bacteria entering your body through your nails and take care of the most neglected body part the way it deserves.

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