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Make-Up Tricks To Keep In Mind This Festive Season

It’s finally the season… whether it is dolling up for a Diwali party or gearing up for the atleast-a-dozen shaadi ceremonies, these make-up hacks will change your life! Read on! 

The correct order to apply your base make-up is 1) colour correctors where needed, 2) your perfect foundation shade, and then 3) if need be, concealer.


PRO TIP- If you’re dealing with dark circles, don’t fret. Just double up on the concealer coverage, darling! Problem solved! Applying the appropriate colour corrector can cancel out any shadows on your face.


Whether it is sheer, medium or full, choose the right foundation consistency for your desired finish. And when on the quest to find your perfect foundation shade swap-check on your neck, know that the correct shade should match your neck perfectly!

Also, to avoid weird lines of demarcations, we suggest you apply foundation over your ears and extend it all the way down onto your chest.

To avoid looking like this

PRO TIP- Settle for an oil-based formula if you have drier skin that isn’t prone to uninvited-breakouts, but if you do tend to breakout, always (I repeat, A L W A Y S) use an oil-free foundation. Since we are talking about things to keep in mind always, do not rest your note pad yet, woman. Always apply your base in downward strokes. Use translucent powder or a setting spray to set it in place and forget about it, as you dance the night away without worrying a wee bit about your make-up melting away.


The number of times we’ve got- mascara-everywhere-except-the-lashes is simply ‘all the time’.  A common blunder, this is super easy to fix. This magic wand, in my opinion, is the only beauty item you need and so – Use a spoon to easily apply this allures-your-eyes-in-a-second potion on your bottom lashes without getting any on the skin under your eyes, or on your nose.

PRO TIP- Never pump your mascara wand! (NO, NO, NOOOO!) Doing so only pumps more air into the product, making it dry out faster.

Talking about illuminating our eyes, another hack would be to apply peach-coloured concealer under your eyes and voila!


Did you know a blush-blunder could make you look older than you are? The right way to apply the perfect-blush is according to your face type. This, ladies, makes all the difference between a healthy glow and sun-scorched cheeks! Find the ideal technique to look flawless right here


1)      Exfoliate!!!! Say goodbye to chapped, flaky lips. The result? Smooooth application.

2)      Create a barrier for the colour, it’s a LIPstick. And for that use a nude lip liner.

3)      Want fuller looking lips? Draw ‘x’ where you would like your cupid’s bow to be and follow the natural line of your lips. Next, apply your most loved lippy using the ‘x’ as your guide.

PRO TIP- Adding extra lipstick-product to the center of your lips helps the colour last longer!

BONUS- Now that your basics are clear experiment your look with colours! Remember,  a slow and steady hand wins the race! Happy festivities, ladies!

Oh and don’t forget to  keep the eyebrows on fleek and the highlighter popping!


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