Beachy Look Dos And Donts Decoded By Ace Make Up Artist Kapil Bhalla!

Make-up magnifies the beauty that already exists, so in order to channel your inner beach goddess, the 18th edition of Kingfisher Calendar is one to watch out for! And who better than make-up expert Kapil Bhalla to decode it further. Here are some tips and tricks to get that beach-appropriate look!

1) Less is more in the sun! No over-the-top make up work when you are doning a swimwear. Use lightweight foundation, as heavy foundation is a no-go at the beach. Because, you’ll end up looking cakey.

2) Don’t forget your sunscreen. Your skin care becomes your make-up, and give an adequate glow! 

3) Your skin always needs to be really hydrated!

4) Make sure your beauty products are water-resistant. Especially with mascara: go waterproof!