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7 Ways To Keep Your Skin Hydrated All Summer

With temperatures soaring high in the scorching summer months there’s only little you can do to keep your ‘cool’. While sweating is something you can’t do anything about, you sure can keep your skin from breaking out! Here’s all that

Patchy Beard No More, Easy Hacks To Fix The Problem

Relax, it is not a lifelong diagnosis. It is nothing major. It is, indeed, fixable. If you’re ready to take matters in your own hand, read through.  Let your beard grow That being said… patience is key. Give your beard

10 Beauty Hacks Every Beach Babe Should Know

These 10 simple hacks make sure you look like an absolute diva at the beach. Scroll through! 1. A sun-kissed look with shimmer and highlighter  The secret to get a sun-kissed look at the beach is to use some shimmer oil/lotion.