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5 Must Have Eyebrow Products!

Turn Shapeless brows into arches of Triumph! Eyebrows can make a huge difference to your overall appearance and brow pencils have been game changers in the brow game. So whether you are looking to perfect your arch or fill in

Top Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow

Beauty is a personal thing and blogging on the subject requires a lot of hardwork and knowledge. Here are the top 7 beauty bloggers who are doing an amazing job on the subject. Whether it’s tips for Asian skin tones,

5 DIY Ideas To Battle Dry Winter Skin

As much as we love the winter season, we cannot deny the fact that it brings a dry-itchy-irritated feeling along with it. The winter can be brutal in some areas, which does not help when taking care of our skin.

7 Beauty Products All Women Must Have In Their Handbags

A woman’s hand bag has hundreds of things in it. But there are some essential beauty products without which a woman cannot function and are a must have in her handbag. These products will help a girl go smoothly through

5 Ways To Look Good On a Bad Hair Day

To manage your hair is itself a tiresome endeavour. And to make it look stupendous always, is even more challenging. You can have a jolly day when you look upbeat especially when the day matters so much to you; it

How To Make Your Nails Shine All Through Monsoon

The beloved Indian monsoon has finally arrived. We are all ready to take it head on, with our skincare and beauty regimens. But do we have a nail care regimen in place? We do take our nails for granted, because

6 Beauty Faux Pas To Avoid On Your First Date

Everyone wants to make a good first impression, especially when it comes to dates. And this is exactly what creates more room for mistakes while trying to look perfect! You obsess over hair, make-up, outfits, shoes and so much more,

Dermatologist Solutions for lip lines

Dermatologist’s Solutions For Lip-Lines

People may know it by different names such as smoker’s line, lipstick line or whatever you like. But, the lines and cracks on your lips are the signs of your real age and not so healthy living. Even when you