Patchy Beard No More, Easy Hacks To Fix The Problem

Relax, it is not a lifelong diagnosis. It is nothing major. It is, indeed, fixable. If you’re ready to take matters in your own hand, read through. 

Let your beard grow

That being said… patience is key. Give your beard the time to grow. As unruly as they can be, your beard hair have a mind of their own, each hair takes on its own life. While many men pick up the razor in frustration, try waiting it out!

Try to keep it short?

The best thing about a stubble? It does not require much hard work. Keeping your beard to a short stubble means you’re less accountable for how it looks! A little stubble also looks natural. Keep it short if the whole process is driving you crazy.

Try some nourishment, try heavy conditioning

Apply a beard oil at night, that will keep your beard soft and prevent itchiness. Beard balms are perfect for a day-to-day application, these will your stubborn hair a conditioning and nourishing experience – the ingredients like essential oils and Shea butter will take control over the uncontrollable curly strands. A balm will also help you style those longer strands over patchy spots!

Brush your beard 

That’s what women do, right? Women brush their hair to increase volume.

Dye it, if nothing else works

Take this advice only if your beard is patchy with grey hair, what we mean is – dyeing won’t change anything if your patchiness is the case of uneven hair growth. Two-toned beards can be fixed to look thicker and fuller!




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