Prismatic Eyes Are The Spirit Of Spring & Sonam Kapoor Is Riding The Wave

Don’t be afraid to be extravagant. The unapologetic wash of colour is far more than just eye-catching, it’s intriguing. When it comes to the eyes, all hues on the colour wheel are a fair game. And if you’re able to use a couple together, you’re sure to turn up the heat a several notches. Read through.

Sonam Kapoor’s prismatic eyes are a sight to behold. Bollywood’s fashion best, the actress played with not just a pop of colour, but brought the perfect melange. Seamlessly blending striking colours, her inked eyelids embody the spirit of spring.

Sonam’s eyes are allure us into breaking out of our everyday makeup rut. Aren’t we all guilty of buying an eye-shadow palette just for the colour we love? It’s time we put to use all those neglected hues, it is time they got a chance to work their magic.

Here’s how you can get the look:

Begin by cleaning, toning and moisturising your skin. Apply a lip balm to your lips. Make sure you apply a face primer next, use your foundation then. Use  a concealer to conceal any blemishes. Apply a highlighter to your cheekbones, temples, brow bones and bridge of your nose.

Once you’ve prepped your face, apply a white eye-shadow base to your eyelids as you get ready to flaunt the colour. One should begin by adding a yellow eye-shadow to the inner corners of your lower lash line and extend it half way to the middle. Similarly, apply a light blue eye-shadow to the inner corners of your upper lash line and blend it upwards into the beginning of the crease. Apply an amethyst-toned eye-shadow to the outer corners of your eyelids. Blend inwards and above the crease. Apply a pink eye-shadow to the middle of your eyelids for a seamless transition of colour. Apply a pink eye-shadow from the outer corners of your lower lash line and blend inwards until you reach the yellow.

The most important part to getting to the final look is making sure you blend all the shades at the point that the connect in order to perfect the prismatic. Staple your look by lining your water line with a kohl pencil. Use eyelash extensions and add generous amounts of mascara to your upper and lower lashes to exact Sonam’s eyes.

Add blush to your cheeks, blot your lips with a berry lip stain. Set your makeup with a spritz of some setting spray and voila!

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