Try Out These DIY Oils For Your Next Champi, For That Perfect Hair!

Hair Oil? Hair Massage? All of this reminds us of our childhood days especially when our grandmothers used to “champi” our hair at least twice in a week. But now we tend to take care of our hair more by choosing our hair oils very carefully.

But are those hair oils chemical-free? Are they even good for your hair? All of us are tired of just watching advertisement of different oils on television for hair growth, dandruff-free hair, etc? Different oil for different hair problem. So, here is the solution for it.

So, we bring 3 best organic DIY hair oil for all your hair problems, 1 oil for different hair problems.

1. Curry Leaves + Black Castor Oil + Pure Coconut Oil

Curry leaves are easily available at everyone’s backyard or terrace garden. Curry leaves are rich in beta-carotene and proteins that stimulate hair growth. Do not use the chemical coconut oil, try finding the cooking coconut oil and castor oil for better hair from any departmental store near you.

How to prepare:

Dry 4-5 strands of curry leave in the sun for 1 week till they are not dried fully, then grind the curry leaves in the grinder and keep the mixture aside.

Then take pure coconut oil and Black Castor in a pan and boil it for 5 minutes and add the curry leaves mixture and boil it for 10 mins more.

After 10 minutes filter the oil from the strainer and pour it into a glass container for better results.

Massage it one night before washing your hair and on every alternative day.

2. Onion Serum + Coconut Oil

The best way to enhance your hair growth is by applying onion serum to your scalp. Onions have high sulfur content, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. Add pure coconut oil with it for better results.

How to Prepare:

Take 3-4 spoons of onion serum and mix it well in a bowl with pure coconut oil

Apply it on your scalp for an hour or so before rinsing your hair for better results.

For best results massage your hair with it on every alternative day and you’ll see the result within 6 months.

3. Tulsi Hair Oil

Tulsi has antiseptic and antibacterial properties and is also rich in antioxidants it will also help as a cooling effect which will help in soothing, inflammation and irritation.

How to Prepare:

Grind the tulsi leaves with little water in it to make it into a thick paste.

In a pan heat the pure cooking coconut oil on a low flame and add the tulsi paste to it.

Heat the oil for 10 minutes and let it cool for some time after that filter the oil into an airtight glass container.

Massage the oil onto your hair a night before washing your hair. Apply it on every alternative day for better results.








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