Budget Fashion

Deepika’s Off-Duty Look Is Every Girl’s Favourite Outfit

Track pants, a chambray / denim shirt, a ganji – some loose locks and that’s pretty much all of us all the time everyday! However when someone as flawless as Deepika Padukone sports the same outfit (albeit fancier brands) we

10 Tips That Will Make You A Pro At Street Shopping

While we love shopping in malls, we agree that going there may pinch your pocket a little too much sometimes, especially when you’re on a budget and want to shop till you drop dead! This is when we escape to

10 Things To Steal From Your BF’s Wardrobe

Isn’t it amazing how you can raid your boyfriend’s wardrobe every time you are stuck with nothing to wear? And oh the style statements that you can make with every thing that belongs to him! So here are 10 things