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7 Hacks To Turn Your ‘Jeans & Tee’ Into A Runway Look

The types of clothes we wear, tell us who we really are as a person. Whether it is a job interview, date night or a business meeting, looking neat and presentable plays a very important role in our lives. By looking as good as you can, you can start a new relationship, new job and an entirely new life. It is no secret that attractiveness is an extra benefit and good looking people tend to be more successful. So girlfriends, get up and dress up and conquer the world!

Follow these simple tips to add some spice and glamour in your outfit. Have some basics like plain white T-shirt, ripped denims, maxi skirts, belts & scarves! Mentioned below are the some ways to instantly spice up your look!

1. Add a colourful scarf to your outfit

Scarves are great accessories when you want to add that extra layer to an outfit without overdoing it. You can wear colourful scarves with a plain T-shirt and denims to instantly look more trendy and fashionable. Scarves can keep you warm on cold days too. A multi-coloured floral scarf adds colour to monochrome outfits.

2. Wear a statement Necklace/Bracelet

Accessories can instantly add glamour to any boring outfit. Wear big silver jewellery to add the perfect complement to your dress. Try patterns such as floral designs, textured exteriors, stone-studded, crystal-dust etc. You can wear them with your designer sarees and heels for lawn parties. You can also team them up with your short dresses and pumps for a posh party.

3. Wear floral shrugs

If you are little bit on a curvier side then shrugs are perfect for you! Team them with black jeggings and a plain white t-shirt and you are set to go! All your love handles can be hidden beneath your shrug as well. Shrugs are wonderful additions to your casual and professional wardrobe too.

4. Wear a belt over your dress

Belts are a wonderful trick to look slim instantly! A stylish black belt with metallic establishments will add to your overall look. Try different belts like colourful belts, textured belts, or embellished belts. During your work meetings, you can dress up your favourite trouser with a chic leather belt.

5. Add a bright bag to your outfit

Bags are classy and sophisticated and are never out of style. Wearing colourful and bright bags can instantly make you stand out from the crowd. Pick on a bag that showcases your personality!

6. Wear a red lipstick

A classic red pout never goes out of style! Red lipsticks can instantly brighten your face and enhance your look. You can choose from varying options of red like crimson, ruby red, coral, burgundy. The list never ends!

7. Put on your Glares

Infuse a burst of colour to your look with chic and peppy sunglasses. Wayfarers, aviators, round, cat-eye, oversized; there are just so many choices! Try the oversized pair with animal print frames or the retro-inspired cat-eye women’s sunglasses. They’re ultra-feminine and give definition to your face. Wear them with a swipe of red lipstick and blush to ooze glamorous appeal.










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