LMIFW SS19: 3 Reasons Rimzim Dadu Is A Label To Follow

Rimzim Dadu is an explorer, ‘fashion world’s Bear Grylls’. A daring daredevil, this designer is known to experiment with textures, material and re-engineering fabrics with age-old techniques adding her unique interpretations! This time, she stencils for us handmade chiffon, metallic cords and metallic wires. Her ensembles are where art meets fashion meets technology to have a gala time, presenting us a pure visual treat.

The first reason has to be the fact that Designer Dadu stood out with her newness, her desire to innovate and reinvent has been an inspiration for many others in the fraternity. She changes the very nature of the materials she uses and creates for fashion-junkies absolutely new texture surfaces.

Look at this sculptural wonder

And for the last reason, these looks do the talking… SCROLL THROUGH! (The caps-lock is not me shouting at you but your inner conscious pleading you to do so!!)

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