5 Hairstyles That Will Turn Up The Heat This Summer

Are you wondering what to do with your hair? When no guide-books or blogs work to declare a verdict, celebrity style takes a stand. Scroll through! 

1) Priyanka Chopra’s short tresses 

This season may have tired to persuade you time and time again to go short. May we say: take the plunge! Priyanka’s short hair call for so much – chunky earrings, bold makeup, even a round of applause.

2) Kareena Kapoor’s low bun

Long gone are the days of messy buns, the only time we are now tying our hair like that is probably only when we’re heading for a shower. A sleek low bun sweeps the fashion scene!

3) Deepika Padukone’s slick back

While strictly center-parted buns maybe her favourite, Deepika Padukone loves slick-back hair as much. Pull lengths back just like this diva at every party!

4) Sonam Kapoor’s high pony

So high fashion, the placement really matters, the height matters. Where exactly should the hair be fastened depends on the shape of your face.

5) Katrina Kaif’s sophisticated waves

Casual beach waves have spirited away, what has now come to stay is a chicer version of the same. Katrina’s rumpled head of avant-garde tides are prepared for whatever may come. It is time to move on over unambitious casual waves, make way for glamorous curls.

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