7 Trends Making A Comeback From the 90’s

While the 90’s were a cringe-worthy era in more ways than one, the fashion was still pretty on point. So much so, that a lot of  trends from the 90’s are slowly, steadily making a comeback. Here are some of the best ones making their way back in our wardrobes! 

1. Bell Bottoms

Oh, 90s were full of these, from Janis Joplin, Cindy Crawford, to Nitu Singh and basically every other person in Bollywood, everyone just loved Bell Bottoms. Except, they are not a thing of the past anymore and here we are, falling in love with bell bottoms all over again.

2. Retro Sunglasses

Now that summer is upon us big time, people in B-Town find it hard to leave their homes without a pair of comfortable sunglasses. In lieu of that, everyone’s favourite retro sunglasses are back in all their wackiness with  brightly coloured rounds, printed frames and all.

3. Polka dots

Synonymous with Dimple Kapadia in her Debut, Bobby, polka dots are back, baby! And it looks like they are here to stay.

4. Bell Sleeves

Cold shoulders and off shoulders having ruled summer and spring last year, this year, taking their place, we have bell sleeves taking over again from the 90s. They are airy, let your arms breathe, and are spacious, what’s not to like?!

5. High Waisted Jeans

No other piece of attire is as dynamic as a pair of denims. We have seen trends like bell bottoms, low-waist, straight cuts, and many more in the past. Another trend making its way to the top are high-waisted denims with so many celebrities bringing them back.

6. Chokers

Chokers have been the IT fashion accessory for a while and B-Town women have been pulling them off with the most panache. They were not always our trend though. They are only making their way back from the nineties  and down a swell job at making people fall in love with them.

7. Denim Overalls

The chic, effortlessly trendy denim overalls from the 90s is seen making rounds for a while and the people of B-Town have been sporting it in all the casualness it deserves. Get ready to fall in love with this timeless midsummer trend of Denim Overalls. Slide a sweater underneath for some winter comfort! 

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