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7 Stunning Ways To Wear Satin This Summer And Not Sweat

Satin and summer? A connection that may not instantly spring to mind. With temperatures soaring at an all time high, think about tiny bralettes that are perfect for layering, think fluid satin slit dresses.

Put on a satin shirt over a pencil skirt

Whether you’re heading out for a board meeting, or for a few drinks at the bar with your friends… this is the look!

Team satin with your track pants or a t-shirt with satin tracks! 

Athletic aesthetic is the rage among fashion lovers. Comfortable yet glamorous, one can style them to walk even the red carpet!

You need a satin slit maxi 

Airy, breezy, even sexy. The fabric adds to the charm of a thigh-high slit. The hem will beautifully flow as you sashay wherever you go.

You need a satin pant suit too!

Wherever you’re heading, a party or an office meeting, a pant-suit walks with the ability to suit itself to the occasion. They look good everywhere. They pick the vibes of the ambiance, all on their own – Which is why it’s absolutely necessary that a woman’s wardrobe have a couple of pant-suits!

Or a v-neck satin strappy top to wear underneath

Ultra chic, there’s nothing chicer, the fiercely feminine neckline, alone, stands defending the case. Plunging with sophistication, the fabric makes it is a sure win. Not only will the top look amazing underneath your blazer, it will make for a different outfit at least a dozen number of times. For a top like this one can be paired with almost everything. Be it your jeans, joggers or skirts.

Pair something with satin flared pants

Sonam Kapoor’s look may be old, but the look still carries a power to strike a statement for ages! To spill the beans on Sonam’s outfit, it’s ‘2016’. You may be wondering, ‘How could that be?’. Know, it’s totally okay to feel that way. With these ‘high-rise’ resting atop almost every waist even today, you’re bound to feel that way. And with the added charm of a flair, they’ll probably never go out of style.



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