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9 Hacks To Sail Through Monsoon At Your Stylish Best

Constant rains, humid weather and dampness everywhere; monsoon comes with its own set of negatives that can hamper your regimes. Hair, makeup, dressing, everything needs a little extra care in this season. These monsoon style tips are just a few easy habits to be adapted and you’ll sail through monsoon in the most comfortable way. Check them out!

1. Keep Your Feet Covered. Invest In A Pair Of Gum Boots & Avoid Canvas Shoes Or Suede Boots.

Keep Your Feet Covered

2. Perfumes Don’t Last Long In The Humid Monsoon Season. So Mix Them With Vaseline.

Monsoon Style Tips

3. Clove, Camphor, Silica Gel Packets, Neem Leaves Keep Wardrobe Issues Away

monsoon fashion trends

4. Avoid Metallic Jewellery. Go For Plastic Accessories Instead

Avoid Metallic Jewellery

5. Get Glossy Hair By Conditioning Them With Mayonnaise

Get Glossy Hair By Conditioning

6. Say No To Dark Eye Make-Up. Go For Bold Lips Instead.

Monsoon Fashion Tips

7. If Your Shoes Get Wet, Make Sure You Dry Them To Avoid Infections

Monsoon fashion

8. Unruly Brows? Hairspray On Brush To The Rescue

Hair Care

9. Avoid Denims. The Best Fabric For Monsoon Are Polyester And Lycra

Avoid Denims when it's raining

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