‘Six Yards’: Quientessially Indian With A Modern Makeover 

Six yards of fabric. Six yards of elegance. Six yards of feminity. Six yards of culture. Six yards of tradition. Six yards of power. 

Recognized globally as the country’s national attire, the sari brings into spotlight our oneness. Each region has its own way of draping the length, each as poised as the other.

Be it the usual whirling style or Sonam Kapoor’s unconventional take, the sari has evolved hand in hand with the changing times yet remained true to its roots. The sari lives on as a garment whose domination no fashion wave could fade. If it may not be distasteful to say, things have only gotten better.

Be it your choice at a chancy dress code occasion or Deepika Padukone’s red zardozi bridal lehanga, it could be Indira Gandhi communicating nationalism in the aristocratic Khadi, a widow in a white weave at a funeral, me in my mother’s old sari, or Kim Kardashian going glitzy in a Sabyasachi, the clothing carries with itself undeniable power. The sari never fails. Each pleat underpins the power of so much meaning.

Kangana Ranaut’s lusty obessesion with traditional handloom sarees is far more evident than day and night. Honestly, as watchers we have no problem at all. Minimal embroidery paired with statement-worthy jewelry, her six yards are all about understated glamour. Stock up on hues like beige, dull gold or nude; look for powdery blues and pinks! Ranaut’s proof that sarees in all their augustness are for every occasion.

Cavorting flowers all over her six yards, Katrina Kaif has recently been going around in floral drapes. Katrina’s personal style has never been the demanding kind. The star still in her element has the flowery tributes doing the job for her.

Deepika Padukone’s traditional aesthetic is our favourite. It reminds us of our beloved saree’s legacy. The star is notmuch of a sartorial scientist, she’s not out their trying to pull off an ‘experiment’. She sticks to the accords of style. But when she does unleash her risk-taker side, it’s fruitful, she rakes a storm! Her sunshiny Sabyasachi saree was an interesting reconstruct by the courtier. Assimilating ruffles and bellowing sleeves, repainting tradition with his own vision… the saree still remains true to its essence of meaning and power.

Sonam Kapoor plays ball in a different league altogether. Her six yards are examples of evolution, contemporary enough to make an unmistakable, unmissable sartorial statement. Patron of unwonted ingresses, Sonam sure does know how to wow. Her light blue distressed denim saree pays a fashionable homage to tradition. Evolution is one of the greatest theories – Ascending modifications, all while the heritable characteristics remain, ensure survival. Here, still remains the saree at more than 5,000 years of existence.

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