Anushka Sharma Is Here With The Perfect Party Dress!

Look toward Anushka Sharma, the arbiter of quirky personal style, who was seen in a short, party-friendly dress. From dinner to dancing, a dress like hers will give your getting ready process zero stress. 

Whether you dress it up with your favourite pair of heels or pair it down with sneakers, there are plenty of ways to get creative with such leg-baring ‘minis’.

‘Go big or go home’ is a resounding fashion mantra for most of our Bollywood ladies, the clear definition of which lies between the perfect balance of minimalism and maximalism. No accessories, just a humble watch to tell her the time, a neat stack of delicate barely-there bangles, those low-key smokey eyes and OH! those larger-than-life sleeves.

Giving us the ability to love white just a little more than black, Anushka Sharma brings drama to her garb through those theatrical limbs – An element that’ll have the entire gathering stealing looks.

Hitting the best party in town? No matter what your plans are, Anushka Sharma’s this fashion lesson will sail you into 2020 like clockwork.



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