Cannes 2019: Kangana Ranaut Delivers But Leaves Scope For More

Kangana Ranaut is well famed for leaving the watchers mesmerised as she takes on the red carpet. She did bedazzle, but her 2019 attires sent us reminiscing to her Cannes debut days. Sigh! 

When you think of a Hollywood red carpet, would you ever think of a Kanjeevaram silk saree or floaty gowns rather? Kangana Ranaut left most us jaw dropped. Her day 1 stint found inspiration in a bygone era. While the whole ensemble put together might not make it to the best of what we’ve seen on the fashion scene, her Falguni Shane Peacock corset and her opera gloves are worth a mention.

Ranaut as feisty as she is, is also an unabashed sartorial risk taker. She made sure she grabbed all the eyeballs with her chest baring pant suit. We have, in all honesty, never seen so much power in a powersuit. Adding to the charm, her carefully pulled back hair into a wet look mimic the actor’s fierceness so well.

Kangana Ranaut then chose white for all her Cannes outings this year. Except one.

The cowl neck does take a moment of our attention but we moved on quickly only to find nothing noteworthy. The gown’s great but we expect so much more from Kangana. And that’s not our fault entirely; it’s the actor who’s built all that anticipation. We still remember all her garbs in all their glory from her last year’s visit to the French Riviera. Her debut was far more dashing than her return. We’d still choose that black Sabyasachi saree over her Kanjeevaram any day. Kangana had upped her oomph quotient with every ensemble last year so much that these looks didn’t do much for her.

This outfit is a show stealer, the only ensemble we want to boast our love for. Ranaut’s breezy Ralph and Russo is a feast to our fashion loving peepers, the colours a treat to the eyes. Only Kangana Ranaut can pull off a plunging neck paired with a slit that runs all the way to one’s thighs, a bold combination that leaves us wanting more.

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