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Celebrity Stylist Allia Al Rufai Picks The Top 3 Looks From The Kingfisher Calendar 2019

It is finally a wrap, folks! The sandy beaches of Sardinia in the months of rainy winters turned hotter than the sunny summer as the stunning models posed in style. Bollywood’s favourite stylist Allia Al Rufai styled the Kingfisher calendar girls and we caught her behind the scenes on the making of the Kingfisher Calendar 2019 to know all about her favourite looks from the season.

“It was quite a task to choose swimsuits for the glamorous models, especially when you have 300 to choose from. But since the show must go on, all the stylists and the designers brainstormed all the way to pick the right costumes for the models. From selecting the top 200, then selecting the top 150 and finally sticking to that one perfect swim wear was no easy task” says Allia Al Rufai. “Every girl brings something unique to the calendar and we tried to bring out their uniqueness through their beachwear”, she further added. 

The dazzling Diva Dhawan in a monochromatic blue swimsuit with the ocean at the backdrop. She looks stunning in this beautiful one-piece blue bathing suit and the blue sunglasses? That just adds bling to her persona.

Here’s the bronze queen in a metallic swim wear. Madusha Mayadunne’s metallic swimsuit reflecting light very beautifully is keeping our eyes hooked to it.

At last but not the least, Allia Al Rufai’s favourite is the multicoloured striped bikini that the sensuous Shubra Aiyappa adorned. Only a model as statuesque as Shubra can pull off such a cave shot. Doesn’t she look very much a part of the scenery?




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