#ClassicOvercoats: 4 Coat Styles For Men To Look Hot All Winter

While worldwide fashion has faded to simpler and casual wear, with more pajama bottoms in our closets than anything formal, we are done with dressing down. LET’S BRING BACK OVERCOATS! With all sincerity, why did men stop dressing like this?

Want a special tip from the women department? We love pretty faces in a winter coat, they emphasize on your height for a start, and when you’re wearing a well-tailored suit underneath? Damn, you look amazing! 

1. Military Accessory to Fashion Necessary – TRENCH COATS

Is it just-below-the-knee-length? If it has a wide center belt too, you’ve spotted this style! These extremely handsome coats date back in history to WW1, named after the trenches they were worn in. Now, an iconic staple to both men’s and women’s fall wardrobes. A MUST-HAVE, MEN!

How To Style: Whether you’re dressing casual or formal, these make a great all-weather all-occasion coat.

2. Simple and Sophisticated- THE CHESTERFIELD OVERCOAT

Most likely the first overcoat – standing tall against the test of time, the Chesterfield, a long and beautifully tailored overcoat, came out in the ‘20s when men’s coats were more simple and refined. Bond fans, you’ve seen this one a lot!

How To Style: Staple the look with leather shoes at your 9 to 5! You’re late? The boss wouldn’t mind!

3. A Timeless Fashion Classic – THE ULSTER

A true Ulster Overcoat has wide cuffs at the wrist, two front patch pockets and contrast stitching; and this look comes from country gentlemen’s wear in the province of Ulster, Ireland.

How To Style: Toss one on with jeans and a t-shirt, if you’re running errands!

4. Dutch Invention But British Navy Etiquette – THE PEACOAT

It’s the British sailors who can take the credit for popularizing the peacoat. This style looks fabulous. It’s important to keep it mind that the peacoat doesn’t draw attention away from the rest of your outfit. And so, how you vibe your look is everything!

How To Style: This one is a versatile member of the coat-fam and can be played around with your personal aesthetic. If you’re, however, aiming for a polished look – it’s suggested that you go for a dark pair of bottoms.

A Few Do’s And Don’ts To Rock Absolutely Any Overcoat

1)      While a black is quintessential, stray away from one.

2)      Please, avoid zippers at all cost!

3)      Baggy overcoats are unattractive.

4)      Opt for a knee-length!

5)      Striking yet subtle details are your BFF. Confused? We don’t want you to wear a yellow coat, but an exciting weave in the fabric. Yes, please. SO HOT!
6)      Men, accessories are not just for ladies. Add gloves. Maybe a scarf? A HAT?


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