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5 Reasons To Date A Guy Who Loves Fashion

When did fashion become a gendered thing? From master couturiers to international editors, men have always been an evocative and important part of fashion as an agency. It’s just that society and pop culture divided gender into halves on the basis of fashion. But trust us, just like a fashion conscious girl comes with creativity, quirk and compassion -a guy who adores fashion has his share of pros as well! And we list them out for you!

1. You Are Breaking Gender Barriers

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Of course you are! If he knows the difference between an ascot and a cravat; knows a tux from a suit, he is just as much masculine but only with more varied interests. To date a man who is well-versed with nuances of fashion, is a man who doesn’t buckle under stereotyped gender attributes. He will also be the guy who doesn’t expect you to cook, or let him drive, or pay the bills. He will be the guy who will believe in gender equality.

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2. He will never belittle your need to look good

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If you are running late for a party, or are meeting friends for brunch; if he is someone who understands fashion and the need to look presentable -he will never belittle for you want to properly crease that pencil skirt, or wear that chunky necklace with your boho top. He will never berate you for having a moment of vanity, because he will indulge in it himself every now and then.

3. He Isn’t Intolerant

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Calling a guy pansy because he wears pink? Or poking fun at someone who likes his clothes a certain way. This man will rarely say these things. He will never be homophobic or sexist; he will never look down upon another man on the basis of the differences he may have as per typical masculine habits. He will be accommodating with respect to different choices for different people, and not at all be judgmental .

4. He Is Open To Newness 

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If he is a guy who loves fashion, and who has no qualms admitting it, he will also be a guy open to pushing boundaries and projecting newness. He will be adventurous, impetuous, experimental, and most importantly not at all cliched. He will encourage you to rise above the normal, and support you in every way. For him, the normal is too boring.

5. He Won’t Be a Silent Spectator During Shopping Trips

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But most importantly -he won’t just be following you around holding the bags and being bored at shopping trips. Just like being there in everything you do, he would be here a hundred percent helping you choose and decide, and at the very least not thinking of this as a chore. Date a guy who loves fashion, because he would understand scouring stores and stores to find that right piece, because he knows how important it is to make well informed decisions.


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